with Ilias Kousis, Forrest Yoga Guardian and HiYoga Master Trainer

Date: Saturday & Sunday, April 22-23th, 2023
: English
8.30-11.00 Uhr & 13.00-16.00 Uhr
216 Euro // 195 Euro Early Bird bis 15. März 202
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Mother Earth Yoga Mitglieder (Jahreskarte oder Membership) erhalten 10% auf den Gesamtpreis (Early Bird von Rabatt ausgeschlossen).
Als Mitglied kannst du dein Ticket direkt im Studio kaufen.

It is a sad fact that our people nowadays suffer from excess stress and fear poisoning, which leads in poor decision-making and deterioration of physical and mental well-being. Blaming this on external factors and going into victim mode is not providing a solution to this problem. It is a change of attitude that can bring inner peace and a shift in perspective so that we see opportunities everywhere we look.

In this immersion, you will be offered tools to educate yourself on how to connect deeper to your body and how to use feeling in order to quest for answers from your authentic self. In the morning sessions, you will be taken through Ceremony and intense physical practice, which will help you disperse the numbness around your physical and emotional blockages. The intelligently sequenced classes will help you deeper understand your physical and emotional pain and injuries and embark on your healing journey. In the afternoon sessions, you will experience vision questing and emotional processes that will help you discern what is Truth of your Spirit versus what is the voice of your fear – which by the way, has various sneaky, poisonous forms. 

8:30-11:00 Morning Intensive: You will be guided through a Native American-inspired ceremony called Four Directions, which will create a sacred space, clear your mind and set the foundation for increased focus on whatever we will be working on that day. You will be educated on how to go deeper into feeling, scan your body and identify emotional blocks. Physical injuries are very often connected to emotional backlog. You will receive tools that you can use to begin dissolving your emotional scar tissue.

13:00-16:00 Afternoon session: You will be taken through emotional processing exercises. You will get more accustomed to feeling and seeing energy and understanding what is yours versus what you empathize. There will be time for questions and answers.

Who is this Immersion for: All level practitioners, who wish to deepen their practice on physical, emotional and spiritual level. Pregnant women and individuals with any kind of injury are welcome to participate. 

You will need pen and notebook for all sessions. For any questions on the content of this immersion, contact Ilias directly at ikousis90@gmail.com


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Yin Yoga

Beim Yin Yoga ist das Thema „LOSLASSEN“ ganz groß geschrieben. Es ist wohl einer der ruhigsten und sanftesten Yoga Stile, bei welchem du Positionen passiv zwischen 3 und 8 Minuten hälst. Wir arbeiten hier an den Meridianen und dem Fasziensystem. Durch das lange Halten der Positionen können Blockaden in Körper und Geist gelöst werden und einzelne Körperpartien können geschmeidiger und flexibler werden. Blöcke, Gurte sowie Yoga Polster können dich dabei unterstützen, optimal und ganz nach den Bedürfnissen deines Körpers in verschiedenen Positionen in tiefe Entspannung & Meditation zu gelangen.

Egal ob Einsteiger oder fortgeschrittener Yogi, alle sind ganz herzlich willkommen.